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cubar 0.5.1

  • fix a bug in get_cscg that caused an error when the input codon frequency matrix has a single row.
  • finish unit tests for all functions and internal data.

cubar 0.5.0

CRAN release: 2024-01-09

  • fixed a bug in est_trna_weight. Now zero w values were replaced with geometric mean (rather than the arithmetic mean) of non-zero w values.
  • fixed unexpected warnings in est_optimal_codons.
  • fixed bugs that update input codon table due to data.table reference semantics.
  • added a new vignette explaining the mathematical details of implementation.

cubar 0.4.2

CRAN release: 2023-11-18

  • adjust formatting
  • fix a typo in get_enc code

cubar 0.4.1

  • New vignette for mitochondrial codon usage analysis.
  • Fix a bug when in get_enc for non-standard genetic code.

cubar 0.4.0

CRAN release: 2023-07-17

  • Released to CRAN.

cubar 0.3.2

  • Initial CRAN submission.